About us

The publishing house Laurus Robuffo is proud of its 70-year history; over the years we have published books that have trained and supported those who work in various areas of the law, criminal law in particular.

Our authors include magistrates, lawyers and people who are experts in the field of public organisation.
Since 1949 generations of officers and agents of the Judiciary Police Force, and those in the Administrative, Fiscal, Road and Penal Police service have used our texts in their training and in their daily professional lives.

Therefore the books published by Laurus, are aimed mainly at operators working in the field and are a valid aid in order not to be overcome by the sheer volume of new regulations.  They all offer a clear and practical approach, and concern:

Criminal Law
Penitentiary Law
Tax Law 
Constitutional Law
Military Law
Laws of Public Safety
Judiciary Police
Legislation regarding Foreigners
Road Traffic
Maritime Law

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